About us


About us

LuvLoops (pronounced love-loops) is a jewellery brand located in one of the most fashionable cities in the world - London - and focuses on sustainable high-quality jewellery that fits your everyday look. Our jewellery is either made of Gold Vermeil or 14K Gold-filled which are both tarnish-resistant and friendly to some of you with sensitive skin. Our designs are intended to be timeless and make your everyday life effortless.


Where it started

Back in 2019, when I thought my life stuck in a rut, the pandemic hit the world unexpectedly. And as they say, when it rains, it pours, I lost my job in the beginning of the pandemic.

I was living on my savings with a mix of depression, fatigue and confusion about when my life is heading to.

However, challenges sometimes followed by opportunities. In this time of uncertainty, the idea of starting a jewellery brand that allows me to connect with countless precious memories, which was seeded from long time ago, started sprouting. 

Along this journey, LuvLoops has brought me immense happiness and joy by connecting with so many of you amazing people through our hand crafted, heartfelt designs. We are here for you, and to hear your stories, celebrate your wins and remind you of your power and be there with you in the lows.

And I am so glad that our jewellery can offer some sort of comfort or celebrations in any way during these moments. 

That's why I have never changed my goal of creating a meaningful yet affordable jewellery brand to empower you as much as you have empowered me through this unpredictable journey.

Then we create the LOVE LOOPS, love loops that spread love and support to each other.

Affordable and meaningful jewellery

Also, I do realise through my days, that high-quality pieces of jewellery are intended to be pricy yet the affordable high street pieces of jewellery are usually harming my sensitive skin in a bad way. So I was very clear when I founded LuvLoops that the main focus of this brand is to provide people like me with more high-quality jewellery pieces attached with reasonable price tags. 


After a long time browsing online, searching for the best source to use for my brand, I finally found the two perfect options - Gold Vermeil and Gold-Filled Jewelry. If you would like to know more about the difference between Gold Vermeil and Gold-Filled, please go to my previous blog post GOLD VERMEIL VS GOLD FILLED 

At LuvLoops, we are using both as our lead materials to make our jewellery pieces long colourfast, easy to maintain, and hypoallergenic.  


I am glad to have people agree with my ideas and appreciate what I do and what I love. Expressing my creativity to design something special for others has helped me find my inner confidence. Therefore, I wish my work would bring this strength to those of you who style LuvLoops jewellery in your own thoughtful and unique way. 

I hope this is helpful and I would love to connect with you so please go follow us on @luvloopsjewellery and I'd love to see more of your lovely comments below!

(I am so sorry that for some reasons, the system doesn't allow me to reply to your comments so if you are wonder why are we are a sustainable brand? Please check out this blog post here: Meet Our Markers and Our Sustainable Packaging)


With love,

Essa xx


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Hi, why is the brand sustainable?



I wanted to know how your brand is sustainable and details about your materials sourcing and manufacturing process. I was not able to find any information about it online.



Love the design and I am so close to purchasing from you.

Could you please let us know about your sustainability policy on the manufacturing and materials procuring of the jewellery?
Much luv!


Hiya , would it be possible to see a photo of the solar Luna and the flower petal earrings tried on ?

Kind regards


Hi! Just wondering, you mentioned that the brand was sustainable. Could you please provide more detail on how exactly is the brand sustainable? Are the metals upcycled? Is this packaging sustainable? etc.


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