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LuvLoops has been committed to make ethical and sustainable jewellery ever since the very first day. We aim to make jewellery that won't harm other people and the environment we live in. So, it took us 6 months to find a factory that fits our expectations to make sustainable jewellery.
There have been a lot obstacles during our way to find the right factory and luckily now we are producing all our bespoke collections in our ethical factory that located in Jaipur, India.

What makes our factory ethical and sustainable?

  • Our manufacturing has been approved by SEDEX, the world’s best ethical manufacturing compliance agency.  
  • Socially Accredited by BSCI for Ethical and Legal Treatment of Workers
  • Using Fair Trade Metal and Materials in production
  • Do not allow child labour
  • The factory has installed the Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) for the Waste Water to reduce the pollution emission. It ensures that all the water we discharge is adequately treated to zero down the polluting chemicals from it.
  • Nickel and Lead free, no harmful metal or chemicals exposed to workers
As a small business, we are aware that it's not easy to oversee the whole supply chain but we will never waiver our dedication to ethical and sustainable productions as we grow, and we are constantly refining our production processes, materials and environmental initiatives.
The way in which a piece of jewellery represents the person adorning it, we believe that it is beyond just a minor accessory—it also reflects the thoughts, principles and aspirations of the brand behind its production.
Please feel free to contact us via email if you have further questions and I hope this blog post is helpful! x

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