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Ever since I first started LuvLoops, I have been trying to provide all my audience and customers with intriguing designs that are inspired by the many things that happened around me. 

Today's blog post is about one of the many inspirations that I have found in my time with LuvLoops - Zoe March.

Zoe was my muse for the creation of some of our pearl jewelry pieces, such as Fern and Ettie. She is a girl with so much power and potential in her. If you happen to love Chanel and Pearl, make sure to check her out on Instagram #_zoemarch!

I hope my introduction didn't bore you too much, let's dive into my interview with this enthusiastic young lady.


Tell us a little about yourself

I’m Zoe, I’m 21 and from the U.K., but Paris in my dreams! Paris is my favorite place in the world, and It’s helped me shape the work I do on Instagram, and within my business today. Taking inspiration from the cities fashion, culture and aesthetic I love to create photographs that reflect this, and share them with the world! As well as content creating, I’m also a student, studying creative advertising at a specialist arts university ❤️

What excites you in your life (new job; higher degrees; traveling foreign countries, etc)

The thought of finally getting my dream career is pretty exciting! I’d love to work in advertising and branding/design/fashion, so knowing that I’m hopefully close to this end goal, once I get my degree is defiantly inspiring! 


What inspired your very first Instagram post?

My first proper Instagram post, in terms of content creating, was of my new phone I’d just gotten. It was the rose gold iPhone SE and I wanted to show it’s color off to the world! I had seen flatly photography on Pinterest and wanted to try it out for myself, and I suppose, the rest is history!


What’s the most important thing to learn about blogging on Instagram?

I think it’s important to not think about numbers, eg likes, followers, etc, and do it because you love it. People can see the passion, and they will react to this in a positive way, but if you’re doing something just for the likes, then this will show, and it won’t work in the long run! It’s all about having a creative outlet, to inspire yourself and others


How do you balance your life?

With great difficulty, 😂 I attend university 4 days a week and have Wednesdays off, so these are dedicated to content creation. I will take photos for all the brands I need to, and then any other posts I’ll be needing to see me through to the next Wednesday! With my business, she’s Parisian, I just make sure to package orders as soon as I get them, so I know that’s off my list of things to do! I’m lucky my job is only part-time during school holidays, so I can usually plan content creation around this. Also, post-it notes are a lifesaver!


What are you looking to achieve with the work you have done?

This is a good question and one I’ve never really thought about! I just do what I do, as I love to do it! I already achieved my dream collaboration, with Chanel, which I would say was my ultimate goal! I’d be interested in looking at jobs that deal with a similar way of working, eg product styling, art direction, etc, and I would hope that my Instagram would show potential employers what sort of things I was capable of!


What are your future plans?

I’m almost done with my second year of uni, next year I will be graduating! So I think I need to start planning what career I want, and looking at ways to help get me there! Once I have this settled, then I feel I can plan the rest of my future, eg where to live, etc. I think it’s important to take things one day at a time, and never worry about the future too much, as it can get overwhelming! It’s good to be present at the moment. 


Name 3 must-have elements in your content creation.

Pearls, Chanel and flowers!

How do you feel about working with LuvLoops Jewelry?

When I was first asked, I felt so excited, as all the pearly treasures just looked so beautiful!! I loved the uniqueness of each piece, and how much thought had gone into designing them! the items are such a dream to photograph, which is such a joy! LuvLoops is such a friendly brand, and I really feel they care about their customers! I really value this when working with or buying from brands! In short, it's been a dream!


 Above is our interview blog with Zoe March and feel free to leave a comment! 

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