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Our Valentines Day Gift Recommendations

Our Valentines Day Gift Recommendations

Valentines day. Valentines day? Valentines day!

Hello LuvLoopers,

Did you perhaps forget that Valentines day is soon arriving? Don't panic! Here at LuvLoops, we have you covered.

In today's blog post, we will share our recommendations for all of you boyfriends, girlfriends and partners who are perhaps doing some last second shopping or who are wanting to gift your special someone something beautiful and long-lasting.

If you're single this Valentines, don't you worry either. There will be recommendations for you too! 


The Apollo and Selena Necklace


First up, we have the Apollo Necklace, which was recently introduced to LuvLoops as part of our Celestial Collection. The sun is the main featured design on the necklace and speaks to someone who is bright and joyful, and the piece itself is made with durable gold vermeil to ensure sustainability in the long run. 

Another piece to join the Celestial Collection is the Selena Necklace, which features the moon as the main design. The purpose of this necklace is to go alongside the Apollo Necklace as a pair, to symbolise friendship and love and duality. 

However, it can be bought alone and would be the perfect piece for someone who is calm, serene and comforting like the moon. Does this sound like your special person? Then this would be the perfect gift for them!


The Vida Necklace

A symbol of love, this heart engraved necklace is the perfect present if you're wanting to express your heart to your special person. The necklace is made with gold vermeil, like a majority of our jewellery, so it is tarnish-friendly and great for those with sensitive skin. 

Whether you're wanting to express your love for the first time or the hundredth time, we support you! 


The Aidan Necklace

Featuring your loved one's birthstone, which is made of natural gemstone, this is another necklace recommendation that would be perfect for someone who adores their birthstone. 

The piece itself has a minimalistic design and offers a simple elegance when worn alone or alongside another necklace as part of a layer staple piece. Why not add some colour to your special person's jewellery collection by treating them to this Aidan necklace?


The Zodiac Collection

With astrology and spirituality becoming increasingly popular, your loved one may often share their love and interest for this very same topic. This is where our Zodiac Collection comes in perfectly.

If you haven't already figured out your beloved's sign, then it is time to play detective and find out so that you can then treat them to a necklace which features their personal zodiac sign. 

Detective's clue: you can google the month and date of their birthday to find out their zodiac sign!




Does your beloved have plenty of necklaces on their jewellery stand? Then why not check out our Celia, Aurelia, Molly and Vera earrings instead? 

The Celia Huggies earrings features beautiful blue gradient CZ stones to symbolise the sky right before the sunset. The purpose of the earrings is to encourage optimism, freewill and intuition and would be perfect for someone who either adores the colour blue or loves gifts with meaning. 

As for the Aurelia Spiral Huggies earrings, these have an intricate spiral design to symbolise the complexity and mystery of the universe, evolution of the soul and the path towards enlightenment.

If your beloved is someone who enjoys pondering the meaning of life or is into spirituality, these earrings would be the perfect addition to their jewellery collection. 


While the The Molly and Vera earrings do share a similar design, they are not completely the same! The Molly Huggies are marked with pearls and recycled silver whereas the Vera Huggies hold synthetic Opal stones.

Both pairs are equally elegant and minimal staple pieces for your special someone who enjoys the simplicities in life. They can be part of a stack of earrings or they can be worn alone; your beloved has the choice to choose!

Self Love Collection


Are you single this Valentines day? Well, why not embrace your freedom and treat yourself on this special day instead? 

Our Self Love Collection contains necklaces and rings, each holding their own special and symbolic meanings. The collection holds necklaces like The Evil Eye Pendant - there to protect you from negative energies and ill intentions - and rings such as the Selena Bold Ring - there to empower you and make you feel bold. 


Silk Eye Masks

Continuing on the theme of self-love and treating yourself, sleep is a very important part of taking care of yourself. If you're wanting to find motivation to have a better night time routine or if you are simply looking for a new one, why not treat yourself to one of our Silk Eye Masks?

Made from pure mulberry silk, the eye masks are extremely soft, cosy and comfortable, and we won't get started on how cute they are...but they're so cute right? 


Scented Candles & Jewellery Dishes

Are you wanting to find some new adorable additions to your bedroom? If you're someone who enjoys lighting candles or using little dishes to hold your jewellery, why not purchase our scented candles or jewellery dishes? 

The candles are all made from soy wax and their own individual scent, giving you the choice on what you would want for your designated room. As for the dishes, they are in the shape of shells and can be bought in blush pink or lilac.


Have you found your perfect Valentien's Day gift for your loved ones yet? We hope this has been helpful! 

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